How Digital Marketing Can Save You Money & Improve Sales

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Nicole Murray May 8th, 2019 58 0

Picture this, you just started up your own business. You have a product that you know solves a problem and you can't wait to share it with the world. You did what your old marketing textbook told you to do and hired a firm to create a one-off print ad to send to all your local newspapers. This entire process costs you about $5000... but you're sure that the sales and profit are going to roll in any minute now!

But your phone never rings, and your website doesn't get any new visitors... what gives?

As it turns out, that old marketing textbook is old for a reason, digital marketing has replaced it as the way of the present and the way of the future. Digital marketing makes your sales strategies easier, more cost-effective, and result-driven.

So Just What is Digital Marketing?

Put simply, digital marketing is marketing that is done through a digital platform. These platforms include things like social media ads, search-engine ads, and email marketing. Social media is a great platform for digital marketers because the amount of users on these platforms is massive and rapidly growing. For example, Facebook currently has around 2.38 billion active monthly users. Now, I'm by no means saying that your ad is going to be seen by 2 billion people, but that potential is much better than the couple hundred that saw your print-ad (assuming they even read it)!

The Benefits of a Digital Marketing Strategy:

Creating and acting out a digital marketing plan is very effective. Most digital marketers utilize platforms such as Facebook Business and Google Ads to carry out their independent strategies. These platforms make monitoring ad-performance simple and easy through very detailed analytics. These analytics can tell you how your ads are performing by giving you statistics about impressions, demographics, clicks, conversions, and so much more.

Another benefit with a digital marketing strategy is how much you can experiment with different advertising styles and your target audience. Facebook and Google make this possible through a system called "cost per click (CPC)". This means that you can place an advertising budget on your advertisements and only get charged from that budget when someone clicks on your ad. To illustrate this benefit, let's use the same story from the beginning of this article:

What if you made 5 different ads all targeting 5 different audience types of the same niche, gave each ad a $100 budget, and ran them all at the same time. Using cost-per-click, you may not even spend a total of $500 dollars before narrowing down on a strategy that works best for your product! Once you find the one that works, you can focus your remaining budget on that ad and cut back on potential advertisement losses.

Implementing Your Digital Marketing Strategy:

Now that you have a few reasons to move on to digital marketing, you can get started very easily by finding and hiring an agency that you trust to start creating and running ads for your business and its specific needs. These firms will get to know you and your business as well as who you want to target, what action you want your leads to perform, and how much you want to spend. Using this information, these firms will make sure your advertisements are appropriately made, tested, and convert those leads into customers. Remember, these firms want your ads to succeed so they can generate sales and let you confidently focus on growing your business.

The way people shop has changed since billboards, commercials, and newsprint ads - but with digital marketing, you can keep up with your customers.


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